Eric Grauffel
Born in December 1979 in Quimper - France

Eric began his shooting at the age of 8, won his first French National Championship at age 11 and went on to become a sponsored sports shooter at the age of 15.

Eric is 7 times IPSC World Champion (5xOpen – 1xProduction – 1xStandard) and once IPSC World Champion Junior. He is also 8 times IPSC European Champion & has won multiple USPSA championships.
Eric is a globally recognized shooting instructor, holds a French higher diploma with a specialty in sports shooting, is a national monitor for the French Federation of Shooting Sports, official coach of the French national IPSC teams and is a certified CZ instructor.
Eric can offer a unique service for your VIP training, specialized groups, shooting federation or shooting groups who want to improve.
Speaks French – English – Italian

Ljubisa Momcilovic
Born in June 1972 in Serbia
Ljubisa started sport shooting a little over 20 years ago and is now one of the best European and World shooters.
To name a few results, Ljubisa notably won the IPSC Australasia title in 2010 and 2016, finished fifth in USPSA American Championship in 2015, fourth in the last IPSC World Championship in 2017 in France and is the holder of the World Extreme Cup 2018 in Production division.
Ljubisa is also an accomplished instructor, certified by the Serbian Police Department, Department of Serbian Sport, OEBS and is a certified CZ instructor.
Ljubisa can offer a unique service for your private security training needs, specialized groups, shooting federation or shooting groups who want to improve.
Speaks Serbian - English – Russian
Robin Sebo
Born in August 1988 in Ostrava - Czech Republic
At just 30 years of age Robin is the Captain of the CZ Shooting Team.
Robin began shooting in 2007 and joined the CZ shooting team in 2009. He is 7 times Czech national champion, has finished 4th and 2nd at the IPSC European Handgun Championships and 4th and 7th at the IPSC World Handgun Championships.
Robin is certified CZ instructor.
Speak Czech - English
Born in December 1981 in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Gastón began his IPSC and defensive shooting at age 21, as a complement of his Criminalistic, Forensic Scientist and Lawyer degrees.

At age 30 he started training IPSC full time, soon becoming IPSC Argentine and Panamerican Champion and a recognized IPSC Instructor. From 2013 to 2016 he teamed up with a major gun manufacturing industry in Argentina and was the brain behind their first IPSC and Competition guns, Wining 3 Argentine National Championships, international Panamerican major matches like the Ecuador and Florida Opens and several top 3 positions at major matches in Europe, and ultimately becoming IDPA Compact Carry Master Class World Champion in 2015, beeing the only non American IDPA shooter to become an IDPA Distinguished Master.

After ending his work at gun manufacturing industry, he then specialized in high level bodyguard and security training for first class gubernamental institutions, with several years of service. During that time, he shot as an amateur IPSC Standard division in .40 with his stock defensive carry pistol, with outstanding results, wining several level 3 matches in Europe and Argentina. At that time, he knew IPSC was what he wanted to do full time.

He finally joined CZ Shooting Team on late 2019, shooting STANDARD Division and returned to give IPSC classes. Since then and with CZ, he has became Latinamerican Champion in 2019 with a Resounding win by 11% difference. He also obtained 3rd place at Infinity Open 2019, 2nd Place at Extreme Euro Open 2019 and won the super six final, won 2 Argentine National Championships in a row by over 15% difference and ended 3rd at US IPSC NATIONALS 2019.

Speaks Spanish – English

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